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Get Moving with Enki – Ninja Training

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If your family would like a simpler routine than the 15 minute workout Enki lead us through last time, this is a great place to start!

Practice your balance, focus, and strength with this Ninja-inspired workout. Then stage a sneaky Ninja challenge in your loungeroom!

As before, all you need to for this fun and challenging workout is just a bit of space to move.

Rai’s Musical Moments Episode 2

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Who’s ready for some more percussive action?!

In this video, Rai takes the simple 1,2,3,4 beat we learned in episode 1 and uses it to play with some common household objects.

Learn to play in an ensemble by playing a washing basket, laundry bucket, and mixing bowl with your family.

A great one for letting loose some energy and jazzing up your day!

Alice’s Animal Closeups

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In this episode of Animal Closeups, we meet Alice’s new puppy Baloo! Baloo will show us some of the tricks he’s learning while Alice tells us a bit about a day in the life of a dog.

Do you have pets? Do your pets know any tricks? We’d love to hear all about them! Let us know in the comments, or send us an email with a picture, video, or description of your favourite animal at home.

Get Moving with Enki

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Even if you can’t go to the playground or swimming pool, you can still keep moving! This 15 minute routine will put your cabin-fever energy to good use and leave you feeling loosened up and refreshed. Best of all, to follow along with Enki all you need is a little bit of space.

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