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Painting and Glazing Your Elves’ Tea Party Set with Is


Now that you’ve made the cutest Elves tea party set, it’s time to decorate!

In this video Is talks decoration themes, ceramic painting techniques, and glazes.

Learn all about what glaze is and how it works to make your ceramic artworks beautifully shiny.

If you are following along with this video at home, but don’t have all the materials you need, get in touch with the Aeon Academy front office.

Painting and Glazing Your Elves’ Tea Party Set with Is2020-06-26T15:52:17+10:00

Making a Popcorn Bowl with Is part 2


Now that Is’ giant popcorn bowl has been fired in the kiln, she’s ready to add some colour.

First, Is shows us how to apply a wash of black underglaze to bring to life the delicate impressions left by the leaves and gumnuts used as decoration in Part 1. This wash will seep into all the tiny cracks and indents. Is also uses underglaze to decorate the bottom of her bowl with a pattern that complements the natural design on the inside.

What kind of patterns can you create using the same theme?

Finally, Is adds a layer of blue glaze before returning the bowl to the kiln. When it comes back it will be lovely and shiny, and ready to be filled with popcorn!

Making a Popcorn Bowl with Is part 22020-06-26T16:08:33+10:00

Autumn Colours


Celebrate the fruits of Autumn with this print-at-home colouring in page! Mushrooms, pumpkins, vibrant red and orange leaves… You could go for a quick walk outside to get some inspiration for the colours you want to use, or draw on your memories of all the best there is to see this time of year.

Autumn Colours2020-05-12T23:00:14+10:00

Stef’s Bug Safari


There is more than meets the eye in your own backyard.

Stef investigates the many kinds of insect life thriving under leaves and topsoil in her garden. Join her – or take a peek into your own garden and tell us what you find there!

Stef’s Bug Safari2020-04-23T10:56:41+10:00
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