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Rai’s Musical Moments: Learning the Guitar


Have you got an old guitar lying around at home that is covered in dust? Have you ever wanted to lead a campfire singalong? Rai has the tutorial for you!

Just as with the Ukelele, learning the guitar is simply a matter of learning how to pin down the strings to the frets with one hand while strumming with the other. Rai shows us a few regularly used chords and takes us through some folk tunes to practice.

Rai’s Musical Moments: Learning the Guitar2020-06-26T15:54:40+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments: You Can Uke!


Grab a ukelele and strum along with Rai as he teaches us the three simple chords C, F, & G.

These chords pop up in so many songs that after learning them you will be nearly ready to put on your own concert!

Rai also shows us a strumming pattern that adds a nice rhythm to many songs. You can experiment with your own strumming pattern as you play songs you know – maybe you’ll find one you like even more!

To print your own copy of the chord chart and song sheet, click on the images below.

Rai’s Musical Moments: You Can Uke!2020-05-18T16:52:52+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments: One Person Band!


Although Rai is an incredible one-man-band, watch this video to find out we can all make music together – even while staying apart.

If you’ve been watching all of Rai’s Musical Moments, by now you’ll know how to make a beat using your body or items from around your house, how to make shakers, and how to make a xylophone using glass jars and water.

Now, put those skills and instruments to good use – we’re making a song!

In this video, Rai records a sound from each of the instruments we have seen in previous episodes. Then, he uses computer wizardry to combine all the sounds into a super groovy tune.

If you (with a parent’s help!) record a 5 second clip of some sounds YOU can make and email it to us, Rai will make a song we have all shared in creating!

Rai’s Musical Moments: One Person Band!2020-06-12T12:52:14+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments: Rainy Day Rainstick


Do you enjoy the peacefulness of a rainy day? The sound of raindrops falling on a window or roof can be magically soothing…

In this episode, Rai takes the opportunity of a rainy day inside to show us how to make a rainstick.

You will need:
– 1 medium to long sized cardboard tube
– small nails and a hammer (plus the help of an adult for nailing them in!)
– paper, scissors, and tape
– small grains or seeds, for example popcorn kernals
– things to decorate your rainstick – colourful tape, paper, or coloured textas

We’d love to see your best rain dance once you’re finished!

Rai’s Musical Moments: Rainy Day Rainstick2020-05-11T17:02:31+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments Episode 4: Shake & Make


Rai brings us another groovy do-it-yourself instrument tutorial.

Shakers are easy to make using things you can find around your home – empty cardboard tubes or boxes, old spice or tea containers, plus a few teaspoons of rice or differently sized stones. You’ll also need some scissors, tape, and paper, plus anything you want to use to decorate your shakers.

And remember that 1, 2, 3, 4 beat from Rai’s first video? That will come in handy now, too! Use a strong shake on some beats and a weak shake on the other beats to create a funky rhythm.

Rai’s Musical Moments Episode 4: Shake & Make2020-04-30T23:14:48+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments Episode 3: Glass Xylophone


Rai’s already shown us how to break out a beat – now make your own xylophone using a few things from around your home and you’ll be half way to a house band!

This fun activity will get you started experimenting with music. Why not try to come up with your own theme song?

You’ll need:
– some glass jars of various sizes
– water in a container
– something metal (like a kitchen spoon)

Rai’s Musical Moments Episode 3: Glass Xylophone2020-04-28T17:56:49+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments Episode 2


Who’s ready for some more percussive action?!

In this video, Rai takes the simple 1,2,3,4 beat we learned in episode 1 and uses it to play with some common household objects.

Learn to play in an ensemble by playing a washing basket, laundry bucket, and mixing bowl with your family.

A great one for letting loose some energy and jazzing up your day!

Rai’s Musical Moments Episode 22020-04-23T10:57:52+10:00
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