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Alices Animal Closeups: Feline Friends


Meet Jet and Ludo, two purring pals who love eating treats and climbing trees! Alice tells us a few little-known cat facts while playing with Jet and Ludo.

Do you have a cat at home? Have you ever been able to teach it any tricks? Let us know in the comments below, or through Facebook or Instagram!

Alices Animal Closeups: Feline Friends2020-05-12T21:42:55+10:00

Maneki Neko Colouring In Page


Not up to making an entire lucky cat out of clay, but still want a little extra good fortune?

Colour in this super cute Maneki Neko (Good Luck Cat) and pin it up near your front door or bedroom!

We’d love to see how you colour in your maneki neko, so after you’re done take a photo and send it in to the Aeon Academy email.

Maneki Neko Colouring In Page2020-05-01T18:47:19+10:00

Make a Ceramic Good Luck Cat with Is


Have you ever seen a maneki neko (Japanese good luck cat statue)? Not only are they extremely cute, they might bring you good luck and prosperity!

In this episode, Is shows us how to craft a maneki neko – and don’t forget to check back in a few days for some fantastic decorating tips!

Make a Ceramic Good Luck Cat with Is2020-05-01T18:42:31+10:00

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright


This colouring-in page will help you escape the Canberra cold and transport you to a wild and faraway place, where tigers roam the jungles!

We would love to see what bright colours you use to bring this page to life.

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright2020-04-29T15:27:59+10:00

Underwater Watercolours with Ochre Part 2


Now that the beautiful watercolours you made with Ochre last time are dry, we are going to add some more detail and cut them out. This part can be tricky, so take as much time as you need!

Once our underwater watercolour designs are complete, you can stick them up in your bathroom to make it feel like you’re in an aquarium every time you take a shower.


Underwater Watercolours with Ochre Part 22020-04-28T17:05:38+10:00

Alice’s Animal Closeups


In this episode of Animal Closeups, we meet Alice’s new puppy Baloo! Baloo will show us some of the tricks he’s learning while Alice tells us a bit about a day in the life of a dog.

Do you have pets? Do your pets know any tricks? We’d love to hear all about them! Let us know in the comments, or send us an email with a picture, video, or description of your favourite animal at home.

Alice’s Animal Closeups2020-04-23T10:56:58+10:00

Stef’s Bug Safari


There is more than meets the eye in your own backyard.

Stef investigates the many kinds of insect life thriving under leaves and topsoil in her garden. Join her – or take a peek into your own garden and tell us what you find there!

Stef’s Bug Safari2020-04-23T10:56:41+10:00
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