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Hula Hooping with Hannah


You’ll feel like a star circus performer once you master these easy hula hooping tricks!

In this video, Hannah will lead you through a calming warm-up, and then demonstrate three hula hooping techniques: hooping around your waist, hooping around your arm using the “stop sign” technique, and then hooping around your hands using the “prayer hands” technique.

After you’ve got the hang of it, why not put on a show for your family?

More hooping tips and tricks coming soon!


Hula Hooping with Hannah2020-04-28T17:05:52+10:00

Hannah’s Magic Potions


Make your own magic potion that causes your brother’s hair to fall out…. or gives the holder the ability to talk to animals… or summons a storm!

These pretty, glittery potions also make a great sensory tool for helping kids focus as they watch the glitter swirl around the coloured liquid.

What you will need:

  • Clean glass jars with lids (soaking an empty sauce jar in water + bicarb soda usually helps to remove any labels)
  • Paper, textas or pencils, tape, and ribbon – to create our own labels
  • Food dye (or natural alternative such as beetroot juice)
  • Magic potion ingredients like glitter, small beads, paper confetti, petals, leaves….
  • A drop or two of detergent
Hannah’s Magic Potions2020-04-23T10:55:11+10:00
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