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Making a Giant Popcorn Bowl with Is


Have you ever sat down to watch a movie, only to discover that your popcorn was in a bowl that was way too small?

Is decides that she is sick and tired of tiny snack portions, so she sets out to solve her popcorn problem by making a GIANT bowl out of clay!

You can follow along at home – all you need is some clay (email our front office if you would like us to send you some) and a few tools that you or your parents might have lying around at home (an old library card, a rolling pin, a barbequeue skewer or sharp cutting tool, some water, and a sponge).

Is will also show you how to decorate your clay bowl using leaves and other bits and pieces from your garden.

Making a Giant Popcorn Bowl with Is2020-05-13T23:56:51+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments: Rainy Day Rainstick


Do you enjoy the peacefulness of a rainy day? The sound of raindrops falling on a window or roof can be magically soothing…

In this episode, Rai takes the opportunity of a rainy day inside to show us how to make a rainstick.

You will need:
– 1 medium to long sized cardboard tube
– small nails and a hammer (plus the help of an adult for nailing them in!)
– paper, scissors, and tape
– small grains or seeds, for example popcorn kernals
– things to decorate your rainstick – colourful tape, paper, or coloured textas

We’d love to see your best rain dance once you’re finished!

Rai’s Musical Moments: Rainy Day Rainstick2020-05-11T17:02:31+10:00

Hannah’s Magic Potions


Make your own magic potion that causes your brother’s hair to fall out…. or gives the holder the ability to talk to animals… or summons a storm!

These pretty, glittery potions also make a great sensory tool for helping kids focus as they watch the glitter swirl around the coloured liquid.

What you will need:

  • Clean glass jars with lids (soaking an empty sauce jar in water + bicarb soda usually helps to remove any labels)
  • Paper, textas or pencils, tape, and ribbon – to create our own labels
  • Food dye (or natural alternative such as beetroot juice)
  • Magic potion ingredients like glitter, small beads, paper confetti, petals, leaves….
  • A drop or two of detergent
Hannah’s Magic Potions2020-04-23T10:55:11+10:00
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