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Rai’s Musical Moments: One Person Band!


Although Rai is an incredible one-man-band, watch this video to find out we can all make music together – even while staying apart.

If you’ve been watching all of Rai’s Musical Moments, by now you’ll know how to make a beat using your body or items from around your house, how to make shakers, and how to make a xylophone using glass jars and water.

Now, put those skills and instruments to good use – we’re making a song!

In this video, Rai records a sound from each of the instruments we have seen in previous episodes. Then, he uses computer wizardry to combine all the sounds into a super groovy tune.

If you (with a parent’s help!) record a 5 second clip of some sounds YOU can make and email it to us, Rai will make a song we have all shared in creating!

Rai’s Musical Moments: One Person Band!2020-06-12T12:52:14+10:00

Autumn Colours


Celebrate the fruits of Autumn with this print-at-home colouring in page! Mushrooms, pumpkins, vibrant red and orange leaves… You could go for a quick walk outside to get some inspiration for the colours you want to use, or draw on your memories of all the best there is to see this time of year.

Autumn Colours2020-05-12T23:00:14+10:00

The Elf Towers of Dawn: An Adventure is Afoot


If, like many of us, you are not able to join the adventurers on the quest towards the Elf Towers, fear not! You can listen to their trials and tribulations from the comfort of your own home.

Would you like to be part of the next chapter? Email our front office to inquire about places in our unique Vala Online Dramatic Adventure games!


The Elf Towers of Dawn: An Adventure is Afoot2020-05-12T17:21:59+10:00

Making Ojos de Dios with Ochre


Ojos de Dios (God’s Eyes) are mesmerizing ritual ornaments from Mexico that are said to watch over you, protect you, and perceive things beyond the material realm.

Get lost in the meditation of weaving as you create your own Ojo de Dios. If you hang your Ojo de Dios near where you work or over a doorway, it could bring you good luck!

You will need:
– two straight and fairly solid sticks for every God’s Eye you want to make
– colourful string, yarn, or wool
– scissors
– a comfortable spot to sit as you weave

Making Ojos de Dios with Ochre2020-05-11T17:35:21+10:00

The Tallest Tower with Max


We’ve all heard the legends about towers as tall as the sky…. but can Max, our tallest Aeonite, build a tower taller than he is? Are you able to make something as tall as yourself – or another family member?

After you’ve built your tower, of course, comes the fun of knocking it down and starting all over again!

The Tallest Tower with Max2020-05-12T13:23:39+10:00

Get Moving with Enki: Fluid Movement


Have you ever wanted mastery over the elements? To gain the power of water, first you must practice balance, flow, and focus. Enki takes us through a few drills that will strengthen your fluid movement.

You will need:
– a plastic container with some water in it
– a clear space that can get a bit wet (in case your focus breaks and you spill some water!)

Get Moving with Enki: Fluid Movement2020-05-11T17:01:25+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments: Rainy Day Rainstick


Do you enjoy the peacefulness of a rainy day? The sound of raindrops falling on a window or roof can be magically soothing…

In this episode, Rai takes the opportunity of a rainy day inside to show us how to make a rainstick.

You will need:
– 1 medium to long sized cardboard tube
– small nails and a hammer (plus the help of an adult for nailing them in!)
– paper, scissors, and tape
– small grains or seeds, for example popcorn kernals
– things to decorate your rainstick – colourful tape, paper, or coloured textas

We’d love to see your best rain dance once you’re finished!

Rai’s Musical Moments: Rainy Day Rainstick2020-05-11T17:02:31+10:00

Ceramic Good Luck Cat with Is Part 2: Decorating your Maneki Neko


Now that you have made your ceramic good luck cat, Is will give you a few pointers on how to decorate it.

Listen to Is describe her thought processes around use of colour, pattern, line, and tone as she paints her sculpture.

How will you decorate your cat? Will you make it look more realistic, or more stylised?

Ceramic Good Luck Cat with Is Part 2: Decorating your Maneki Neko2020-05-05T19:22:31+10:00

Maneki Neko Colouring In Page


Not up to making an entire lucky cat out of clay, but still want a little extra good fortune?

Colour in this super cute Maneki Neko (Good Luck Cat) and pin it up near your front door or bedroom!

We’d love to see how you colour in your maneki neko, so after you’re done take a photo and send it in to the Aeon Academy email.

Maneki Neko Colouring In Page2020-05-01T18:47:19+10:00
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