Marshdog describes the perilous journey ahead, for those brave enough to answer the call. The Elf Towers are imbued with a great magickal significance… And what will we encounter between them, in the Twilit Woods or the plains of Parvonne?

Marshdog’s emissaries Game Masters George and Enki will be running live tabletop roleplaying adventures from the Dawnsaga series, starting next week.

The dramatic adventure sessions will be held over Zoom twice a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. All you need to participate is an internet-connected device with Zoom installed, plus a fantastical imagination of course!

Characters will be chosen during the first session.

If you know any young adventurers who would like to join them on their quest, please email Saadia in our front office as soon as possible. Further information about the sessions will be made available to those interested.