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Rai’s Musical Moments: Learning the Guitar


Have you got an old guitar lying around at home that is covered in dust? Have you ever wanted to lead a campfire singalong? Rai has the tutorial for you!

Just as with the Ukelele, learning the guitar is simply a matter of learning how to pin down the strings to the frets with one hand while strumming with the other. Rai shows us a few regularly used chords and takes us through some folk tunes to practice.

Rai’s Musical Moments: Learning the Guitar2020-06-26T15:54:40+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments: You Can Uke!


Grab a ukelele and strum along with Rai as he teaches us the three simple chords C, F, & G.

These chords pop up in so many songs that after learning them you will be nearly ready to put on your own concert!

Rai also shows us a strumming pattern that adds a nice rhythm to many songs. You can experiment with your own strumming pattern as you play songs you know – maybe you’ll find one you like even more!

To print your own copy of the chord chart and song sheet, click on the images below.

Rai’s Musical Moments: You Can Uke!2020-05-18T16:52:52+10:00

Making a Giant Popcorn Bowl with Is


Have you ever sat down to watch a movie, only to discover that your popcorn was in a bowl that was way too small?

Is decides that she is sick and tired of tiny snack portions, so she sets out to solve her popcorn problem by making a GIANT bowl out of clay!

You can follow along at home – all you need is some clay (email our front office if you would like us to send you some) and a few tools that you or your parents might have lying around at home (an old library card, a rolling pin, a barbequeue skewer or sharp cutting tool, some water, and a sponge).

Is will also show you how to decorate your clay bowl using leaves and other bits and pieces from your garden.

Making a Giant Popcorn Bowl with Is2020-05-13T23:56:51+10:00

Tonal Scales with Ochre (& Totoro!)


This is a quick, fun, and easy art tutorial that will help you to improve your shading. Ochre takes us through what tonal shading is and how to get the effect you want in your graphite drawings. Try drawing a portrait of your favourite plushy, just as Ochre has done with Totoro!

Tonal Scales with Ochre (& Totoro!)2020-05-04T21:54:03+10:00

Underwater Watercolours with Ochre


In this tutorial Ochre demonstrates two watercolour techniques, the salt technique and straw blowing technique, that you can use to create a stunning underwater scene for your bathroom (or anywhere!)

If you would like to follow along with Ochre as she paints, get ready with the following materials:

Watercolour paints and paintbrushes
Paper to paint
A jar of water
Some newspaper to protect your table
Ordinary table salt
A straw (if you don’t have one on hand, you can make one using some stiffish card or paper and some tape).


Underwater Watercolours with Ochre2020-04-23T10:54:31+10:00
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