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Rai’s Musical Moments: Learning the Guitar


Have you got an old guitar lying around at home that is covered in dust? Have you ever wanted to lead a campfire singalong? Rai has the tutorial for you!

Just as with the Ukelele, learning the guitar is simply a matter of learning how to pin down the strings to the frets with one hand while strumming with the other. Rai shows us a few regularly used chords and takes us through some folk tunes to practice.

Rai’s Musical Moments: Learning the Guitar2020-06-26T15:54:40+10:00

Rai’s Musical Moments: You Can Uke!


Grab a ukelele and strum along with Rai as he teaches us the three simple chords C, F, & G.

These chords pop up in so many songs that after learning them you will be nearly ready to put on your own concert!

Rai also shows us a strumming pattern that adds a nice rhythm to many songs. You can experiment with your own strumming pattern as you play songs you know – maybe you’ll find one you like even more!

To print your own copy of the chord chart and song sheet, click on the images below.

Rai’s Musical Moments: You Can Uke!2020-05-18T16:52:52+10:00

Autumn Colours


Celebrate the fruits of Autumn with this print-at-home colouring in page! Mushrooms, pumpkins, vibrant red and orange leaves… You could go for a quick walk outside to get some inspiration for the colours you want to use, or draw on your memories of all the best there is to see this time of year.

Autumn Colours2020-05-12T23:00:14+10:00

Maneki Neko Colouring In Page


Not up to making an entire lucky cat out of clay, but still want a little extra good fortune?

Colour in this super cute Maneki Neko (Good Luck Cat) and pin it up near your front door or bedroom!

We’d love to see how you colour in your maneki neko, so after you’re done take a photo and send it in to the Aeon Academy email.

Maneki Neko Colouring In Page2020-05-01T18:47:19+10:00

Italiano con Anna (& Ciro!) Episode 2


It’s time to play Tombola (Italian Bingo) with Anna and Ciro! Before watching this video, print your Tombola cards and collect some small stones, buttons, or seeds. Then you’ll be ready to play along at home.

Every time Anna or Ciro draws an animal card from the bag, check to see if that animal is on your Tombola card. If you can see the same animal on your Tombola card, put one of your small stones or buttons on that square. When your card is full, you can yell out TOMBOLA! You have won!

While we’re playing, we’ll also learn the Italian names for lots of different animals – la balena, il cavallo, la rana…

Print at home Tombola cards

Italiano con Anna (& Ciro!) Episode 22020-05-01T16:24:26+10:00

Italiano con Anna (& Ciro!) Episode 1


Meet Ciro! He wants to play – but he only speaks Italian. We can learn some Italian while playing with him!

In this first episode, Anna and Ciro introduce themselves and teach us a song in Italian. And next time we’ll be playing the Italian game Tombola.

Bacini from Ciro!

Print at home Tombola cards
Italiano con Anna (& Ciro!) Episode 12020-05-01T16:11:26+10:00

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright


This colouring-in page will help you escape the Canberra cold and transport you to a wild and faraway place, where tigers roam the jungles!

We would love to see what bright colours you use to bring this page to life.

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright2020-04-29T15:27:59+10:00

Maxwell’s Scavenger Hunt at Home


Can you beat the Prince of the Aeon Academy Scavenger Hunt at his own game?

After you’ve beat Maxwell’s speedy Scavenger Hunt time, challenge a family member to do it even faster! Or write your own unique list of things to find around the home, and swap your list with a friend. What will you come up with?

Max’s Scavenger Hunt at Home List
Maxwell’s Scavenger Hunt at Home2020-04-29T15:29:37+10:00
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