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Making Ojos de Dios with Ochre


Ojos de Dios (God’s Eyes) are mesmerizing ritual ornaments from Mexico that are said to watch over you, protect you, and perceive things beyond the material realm.

Get lost in the meditation of weaving as you create your own Ojo de Dios. If you hang your Ojo de Dios near where you work or over a doorway, it could bring you good luck!

You will need:
– two straight and fairly solid sticks for every God’s Eye you want to make
– colourful string, yarn, or wool
– scissors
– a comfortable spot to sit as you weave

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Tonal Scales with Ochre (& Totoro!)


This is a quick, fun, and easy art tutorial that will help you to improve your shading. Ochre takes us through what tonal shading is and how to get the effect you want in your graphite drawings. Try drawing a portrait of your favourite plushy, just as Ochre has done with Totoro!

Tonal Scales with Ochre (& Totoro!)2020-05-04T21:54:03+10:00

Underwater Watercolours with Ochre Part 2


Now that the beautiful watercolours you made with Ochre last time are dry, we are going to add some more detail and cut them out. This part can be tricky, so take as much time as you need!

Once our underwater watercolour designs are complete, you can stick them up in your bathroom to make it feel like you’re in an aquarium every time you take a shower.


Underwater Watercolours with Ochre Part 22020-04-28T17:05:38+10:00

Underwater Watercolours with Ochre


In this tutorial Ochre demonstrates two watercolour techniques, the salt technique and straw blowing technique, that you can use to create a stunning underwater scene for your bathroom (or anywhere!)

If you would like to follow along with Ochre as she paints, get ready with the following materials:

Watercolour paints and paintbrushes
Paper to paint
A jar of water
Some newspaper to protect your table
Ordinary table salt
A straw (if you don’t have one on hand, you can make one using some stiffish card or paper and some tape).


Underwater Watercolours with Ochre2020-04-23T10:54:31+10:00
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