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The Tallest Tower with Max


We’ve all heard the legends about towers as tall as the sky…. but can Max, our tallest Aeonite, build a tower taller than he is? Are you able to make something as tall as yourself – or another family member?

After you’ve built your tower, of course, comes the fun of knocking it down and starting all over again!

The Tallest Tower with Max2020-05-12T13:23:39+10:00

Maxwell’s Scavenger Hunt at Home


Can you beat the Prince of the Aeon Academy Scavenger Hunt at his own game?

After you’ve beat Maxwell’s speedy Scavenger Hunt time, challenge a family member to do it even faster! Or write your own unique list of things to find around the home, and swap your list with a friend. What will you come up with?

Max’s Scavenger Hunt at Home List
Maxwell’s Scavenger Hunt at Home2020-04-29T15:29:37+10:00
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