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Painting and Glazing Your Elves’ Tea Party Set with Is


Now that you’ve made the cutest Elves tea party set, it’s time to decorate!

In this video Is talks decoration themes, ceramic painting techniques, and glazes.

Learn all about what glaze is and how it works to make your ceramic artworks beautifully shiny.

If you are following along with this video at home, but don’t have all the materials you need, get in touch with the Aeon Academy front office.

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Elves Tea Party with Is


If you want more fairies to play in your garden, first you’ll have to make them feel welcome!

Based on her own illustration, Is creates a tiny ceramic tea set, mushroom table, and gorgeous garden chair for any prospective fairy visitors.

If you’ve been watching previous Art With Is videos you’ll be familiar with the techniques Is uses in this tutorial – pinching and squidging, rolling and coiling, scratching and adding reinforcements to joined surfaces so they stick better.

In the next Aeonline video, Is will paint and glaze her creation! Speak with the Aeon Academy front office if you need materials or tools to create your own magical tea set!

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The Elf Towers of Dawn: An Adventure is Afoot


If, like many of us, you are not able to join the adventurers on the quest towards the Elf Towers, fear not! You can listen to their trials and tribulations from the comfort of your own home.

Would you like to be part of the next chapter? Email our front office to inquire about places in our unique Vala Online Dramatic Adventure games!


The Elf Towers of Dawn: An Adventure is Afoot2020-05-12T17:21:59+10:00
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