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Painting and Glazing Your Elves’ Tea Party Set with Is


Now that you’ve made the cutest Elves tea party set, it’s time to decorate!

In this video Is talks decoration themes, ceramic painting techniques, and glazes.

Learn all about what glaze is and how it works to make your ceramic artworks beautifully shiny.

If you are following along with this video at home, but don’t have all the materials you need, get in touch with the Aeon Academy front office.

Painting and Glazing Your Elves’ Tea Party Set with Is2020-06-26T15:52:17+10:00

Making a Popcorn Bowl with Is part 2


Now that Is’ giant popcorn bowl has been fired in the kiln, she’s ready to add some colour.

First, Is shows us how to apply a wash of black underglaze to bring to life the delicate impressions left by the leaves and gumnuts used as decoration in Part 1. This wash will seep into all the tiny cracks and indents. Is also uses underglaze to decorate the bottom of her bowl with a pattern that complements the natural design on the inside.

What kind of patterns can you create using the same theme?

Finally, Is adds a layer of blue glaze before returning the bowl to the kiln. When it comes back it will be lovely and shiny, and ready to be filled with popcorn!

Making a Popcorn Bowl with Is part 22020-06-26T16:08:33+10:00

Elves Tea Party with Is


If you want more fairies to play in your garden, first you’ll have to make them feel welcome!

Based on her own illustration, Is creates a tiny ceramic tea set, mushroom table, and gorgeous garden chair for any prospective fairy visitors.

If you’ve been watching previous Art With Is videos you’ll be familiar with the techniques Is uses in this tutorial – pinching and squidging, rolling and coiling, scratching and adding reinforcements to joined surfaces so they stick better.

In the next Aeonline video, Is will paint and glaze her creation! Speak with the Aeon Academy front office if you need materials or tools to create your own magical tea set!

Elves Tea Party with Is2020-06-26T15:48:58+10:00

Making a Giant Popcorn Bowl with Is


Have you ever sat down to watch a movie, only to discover that your popcorn was in a bowl that was way too small?

Is decides that she is sick and tired of tiny snack portions, so she sets out to solve her popcorn problem by making a GIANT bowl out of clay!

You can follow along at home – all you need is some clay (email our front office if you would like us to send you some) and a few tools that you or your parents might have lying around at home (an old library card, a rolling pin, a barbequeue skewer or sharp cutting tool, some water, and a sponge).

Is will also show you how to decorate your clay bowl using leaves and other bits and pieces from your garden.

Making a Giant Popcorn Bowl with Is2020-05-13T23:56:51+10:00

Ceramic Good Luck Cat with Is Part 2: Decorating your Maneki Neko


Now that you have made your ceramic good luck cat, Is will give you a few pointers on how to decorate it.

Listen to Is describe her thought processes around use of colour, pattern, line, and tone as she paints her sculpture.

How will you decorate your cat? Will you make it look more realistic, or more stylised?

Ceramic Good Luck Cat with Is Part 2: Decorating your Maneki Neko2020-05-05T19:22:31+10:00

Make a Ceramic Good Luck Cat with Is


Have you ever seen a maneki neko (Japanese good luck cat statue)? Not only are they extremely cute, they might bring you good luck and prosperity!

In this episode, Is shows us how to craft a maneki neko – and don’t forget to check back in a few days for some fantastic decorating tips!

Make a Ceramic Good Luck Cat with Is2020-05-01T18:42:31+10:00

Decorating Your Coil Pot with Is


Grab the beautiful coil pots you made last week, and let’s get decorating!

This week, Is introduces us to the world of sgraffito – a simple technique that will give our ceramics a bold and striking look. To add some sgraffito to your own pots, paint some shapes on them using underglaze and then, when the coats are dry, scratch away detailed patterns to bring the shapes to life.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to follow along in this activity, but need supplies!


Decorating Your Coil Pot with Is2020-04-30T21:49:01+10:00

Ceramic Coil Pots with Is


Let’s learn how to make a flowerpot out of clay coils!

In part 1 of this tutorial, Is takes us through the steps of rolling ‘sausages’ out of clay, coiling them into your desired pot shape, smoodging the clay so no cracks appear, and pinching the pot walls into the right thickness.

These are great foundational ceramic techniques that you can use for a lot of different projects.

Contact Saadia in the Aeon front office if you would like us to deliver you some clay you can use to make these super cute pots!

Part 2 – decorating the pots using the “sgraffito” technique – coming soon.

Ceramic Coil Pots with Is2020-04-23T10:57:35+10:00
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